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Letter From Anthony About Vegetarianism in the Obama Administration

All ancient philosophy was oriented toward the simplicity of life and taught a certain kind of modesty in one's need. In light of this, the few philosophic vegetarians have done more for mankind than all new philosophers, and as long as philosophers and world leaders do not have the courage to seek out a totally changed way of life and to demonstrate it by their example, they are worth nothing. - Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Dear Dr. Terry Mason - Chicago Health Commissioner:

May I extend my sincere congratulations!!

I am very impressed and gratified with the fact that you have had the courage to let everyone know that you are a vegetarian and recommend that everyone gives it a serious try.

You are the CHANGE you want to see in the world!!

I hope that since you know President Elect Barack Obama that you will be able to communicate with him and be able to persuade him to seriously consider the countless reasons he would be very wise to seriously consider vegetarianism, no matter what anyone thinks or says.

There is no change that President Elect Barack Obama could support and promote that could ultimately be as big or more beneficial to all humans, all animals, the earth, and the earth's atmosphere.

Dr. Mason, like you, do you think President Elect Obama is also capable of being wiser and braver than Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey have been?

Will the future leader of America make a decision that could potentially provide the urgently needed inspiration that could CHANGE and improve the world like never before?

For the biggest and most beneficial *CHANGE* imaginable "to actually happen" let us all work together on your behalf to persuade President Elect Barack Obama to become a VEGETARIAN.


In my opinion, I truly believe that if President Elect Barack Obama knew and considered the real truth about the catastrophic disasters that are related to the livestock industry, ranging from major health problems, the number one cause of global warming, and the unnecessary brutal treatment and deaths of millions of animals everyday, he would immediately become a vegetarian.

Dr. Mason, let me repeat myself by saying that you could definitely play a large role in helping to persuade the future leader of the United States to make the most important decision of his Presidency that could result in the biggest and most beneficial changes in history.

Dr. Mason, please devote one hour of your life to view the free one hour major masterpiece documentary titled A Sacred Duty.

I have a supply of the free DVD version of this incredible film and would be pleased to send you and or Tim Hadac several copies.

I think you will agree, after viewing A Sacred Duty, that President Elect Obama and his family should make sure they also view the finest free documentary film of its kind ever produced, which clearly reveals the urgent challenges and monumental disasters that have been caused by or promoted by the livestock industry which until recently have been the best kept secrets in the world.

Global warming heads the list!!

I have forwarded the message from Tim Hadac about your effort to several hundred people and many organizations. I hope you get a positive response from some or possibly many of them.

Thank you for all you have done and will do to improve the health and welfare of as many people and animals as possible.

You are the CHANGE you want to see in the world!!

Arthur Western Springs, Illinois

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