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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Religious Sacrifice

To Sydney Morning Herald

Claiming that the Muslim festival of sacrifice is about "harmony and peace" (A time to celebrate – and enjoy peace and harmony, 7/11) is like saying black is white or night is day.

This entire festival revolves around brutally slaughtering millions of terrified, and innocent, life-loving beings. During the Eid, camels, goats, cattle and sheep - including tens of thousands of Australian animals -are dragged to the ground, tightly bound and trussed and have their throats agonizingly sawn open in full view of one another. The "politically correct " way that the Australian Muslims are celebrating by paying for an animal to be sacrificed in an overseas slaughterhouse is likewise cruel given that the animals will be subjected to a similarly brutal, terrifying and agonizing death while fully conscious.. Muslims maintain the Eid is a time for sharing meat with the needy but I'm sure the needy would be equally grateful for bags of grains, lentils, dates etc. The old testament story of God replacing Abrahams son with a sacrificial lamb is common to both the Muslim and Christian religions but Christians no longer sacrifice animals -and Muslims shouldn't either.

Jenny Moxham