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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Federated Farmers Butcher the Truth - 1 Apr 2012

1 Apr 2012
Sunday Star Times (Auckland, NZ)

We're told that Federated Farmers wants to educate children regarding the source of food and fibre (‘‘Kids think cotton-sock animals live on farms’’, March 25) but how much of the truth will kids be told?

Will they be told that to produce milk, one million baby calves are slaughtered each year in New Zealand and, to produce eggs, hens are forced to endure lives of hell inside cramped, uncomfortable wire cages?

Will they be told that because male chicks are useless to the egg industry, millions of them are dropped live into mincing machines? Will they be told that, to produce wool, many sheep are subjected to the bloodiest and most brutal mutilation in the world called mulesing?

Will slaughterhouse tours be organised so youngsters can see how meat is ‘‘made’’?

My guess is that all Federated Farmers will be teaching children is that cows ‘‘give’’ us milk, chickens ‘‘give’’ us eggs and sheep ‘‘give’’ us wool.

Why? Because if children knew how cruelly their beloved animal friends were really treated they’d likely turn vegan on the spot.

Jenny Moxham,