Letter from Jenny Moxham about Cecil the Lion: No need to eat meat
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Jenny Moxham
as published in Fraser Coast Chronicle
August 10, 2015

No need to eat meat

IT WAS certainly heartwarming to see the outpouring of compassion following the cruel death of Cecil but what struck me about this whole issue was our inconsistency in compassion.

Why does a ferocious lion evoke more sympathy than a gentle lamb, cow or pig?

The inoffensive animals we so casually send to a terrifying, premature and brutal death in our slaughterhouses donít want to die any more than Cecil did Ė and nor do they deserve to, because, unlike Cecil, we are not natural carnivores and so donít require meat in our diet.

Nor do we require cowís milk or eggs. If the cruel and needless killing of one lion has elicited so much outrage surely the cruel and needless killing of 65 billion land animals every single year should elicit a mountain of outrage.

Whereas Cecil at least enjoyed a natural life until the moment he was shot, the animals in our factory farms know nothing but pain and misery throughout their entire lifetime. 

Monbulk, Victoria, Australia

 Cecil lion
PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED DRAW THE LINE: One reader thinks the outpouring of sympathy after the death of Cecil the lion is hypocritical.

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