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Force Feeding of Fowl


Letter from Pam McCue to the NBC Today Show - 15 July 2003

I was disheartened, stunned, and amazed that you would be so insensitive as to promote the force feeding of fowl to produce the barbecued bird livers showcased during your Monday show.  The chef mentioned casually "en passant" that the livers are gleaned from "forcibly-fed" ducks, or geese as the case may be.  The birds who "donated" their livers for this recipe are forced to suffer an extremely horrible life and die from a diseased liver which literally explodes from the suffered insult.  The birds are forcibly restrained while food is shoved relentlessly through beaks held continuously open. Long instruments are used to forcibly shove food completely down their throats. Most of these livers are imported because this practice would not be tolerated in most U.S. jurisdictions.  Many European countries have prohibited it's production.

The chef should suffer such abuse as should the diner who feasts upon this high cholesterol and fatty burger.  They deserve the muddy arteries such eating habits will ultimately cause.  Such a collection of "Cultured Barbarians" deserve a fate as tortured as that of the birds.  What's good for the goose .... as the saying goes ( good for the Gourmand).

SHAME on TODAY for promoting such a feast on your show.

The New York restaurant should be boycotted, the chef deported to Iraq, lashed to a WMD SCUD and targeted for the farm where these livers were produced.

Here is a web site where you can see the production process in action:  

You might want to mention this site on a future show to ameliorate the damage and suffering you have caused.


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