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Vegan Is...

From American Vegan Society
January 2023

American Vegan Society

Vegan is...

  • a lifestyle that can change the world
  • eating only from the plant kingdom; making conscious, compassionate choices about food. Vegans select from the large variety of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds to prepare meals
  • not eating animals. Vegans can look any animal in the eye and call that animal a friend and not dinner. Vegans donít consume meat, fish, birds, cow or goat milk, eggs, honey, or foods made with any of these or other animal products such as gelatin, beef or chicken broths, lard or tallow
  • care in a dress. Vegans understand that leather and wool are not by-products of slaughter, but inherent to the business of killing. Many animals are killed only for their skin, fur, silk
  • a choice to be kind. Vegans find toiletries made with plant, not animal, ingredients. The vegan ethic extends to all commodity decisions regarding components and production, and whether or not to use at all. It also applies to choices of sport and entertainment
  • beneficial for peopleís health. Studies prove that many diseases can be reversed or eliminated by changing to a whole-foods, plant-sourced diet
  • good for the environment. Animal production is the largest contributor to environmental destruction. Consider the use of land, resources, and transportation as well as the waste produced
  • good for humanity. There is plenty of food on this planet to eliminate hunger by feeding plants directly to humans instead of wastefully processing it through animals. This must happen in combination with redressing the food distribution systems of the world
  • an ambassador promoting a positive impression, not a misinformed stereotype. When you are healthy in mind and body, people ask what you do to look great, fit, young, and happy
  • delicious food at social gatherings. Everyone wants to know the recipe, and you can tell them that itís vegan
  • normal. You may occasionally encounter ethical dilemmas, but let the principles of dynamic harmlessness guide your actions. You interact with people who donít always think like you, but there is mutual respect among all of you
  • the pillars of ahimsa integrated into your daily life. Ahimsa is not just nonharming but a commitment to creating positive action for a better world. See ahimsa on this website for further explanation
  • a grassroots nonviolent revolution fueled by independent thought. Each person has the ability to contribute to reaching the tipping point at which this concept becomes held by the majority
  • the next generation. Regardless of your age, you have the power to increase the number of vegans by one or more and decrease the number of nonvegans. Check out the AVS Vegan Generation3 Campaign.

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