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FROM Richard W. Firth

Once again Christmas is upon us along with its usual hustle and bustle, rushing around to get presents, preparation of the dinners that go along with the celebration and the numerous decorations of house and tree and on it goes almost ad finitum, all of which causes near states of exhaustion, weariness and an attitude that "I will be glad when it is all over" (really a bad attitude towards the one day we should be glad that it is never over in terms of spirituality and a continuing relationship with the one born on that day, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior).

Now then what did the angels mean when they proclaimed to the Sheperds, "Peace on earth and good will towards men"?  Now is that the peace manifested in your life when one gets so involved that when in preparation of that day it results in exhaustion, sometimes depression and a feeling that I will be glad when that day is over?  If this is what is happening it definitely is not the peace the angels were proclaiming to the shepherds that night.  Well then what is that peace you may ask?  It certainly is not the peace found in this world today but it is the peace Jesus says He will give to those who believe on Him.  It is a serenity and a calm relaxed state knowing Jesus is in control and that He will take of the problem and not you yourself.  It is a calmness that focuses on Jesus and Jesus alone and not getting anxious or worried over anything, certainly easier said than done (and no one knows this better than I).

And if you love God you will please Him by not being anxious over all that preparation and other hustle and bustle as He does not want you to be anxious over anything and that is the real culprit destroying the real meaning  and purpose of Christmas thus making it into a secular celebration and not a spiritual one.

So on this day let us seek the peace the angels were heralding that evening.  If we will only do this then the true meaning of the holiday will finally become real in our lives causing us not to wish it were over but longing that this day will never be over, a day with many days to come of real peace and joy in spite in the many trials and tribulations we may go through as we complete that seemingly long journey of life.

A very Merry and above all a Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Richard W. Firth

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