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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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The greatest created works of mankind including all ďstate of the art technologiesĒ consisting of electronic and digital products, synthetic materials, electric and nuclear power, the applied and pure sciences, the industrial arts, the implementation of world wide communication and the most complex computer systems, have been created by man from the soil underneath his feet. And in the same way, the spirit of man is the fertile ground in which all knowledge has grown and added to manís continual collective understanding.

The need to know how things work is part of the eternal design of manís spirit. The asking of questions and the pursuit of answers do not negate manís faith. The faith of man is not proven when tested by the unknown, but is proven when the Truth that is knownÖis believed True.

Truth can be simply defined as how things work. Whether it is the spirit of man, the understanding of physics, the interpersonal relationships of humans and other animals, creativity and art, medicine and health and all other areas of life that pique the curiosity of man on a spiritual level, has been the pursuit of manís intellect since the beginning of manís existence. Like compound interest, the sharing and collaborating of knowledge by human beings of similar mindsets, has increased the speed of the acquisition of knowledge, as we pass from our lifetime to the next.

Faith is at the very heart of science. Without faith, there would be no science. It takes no sureness of oneís self to wonder how something is able to work, but it is the discovery of unknown Truths that first must have faith at itís core to advance. Faith must proceed before action can take place.

The natural reaction of manís spirit to failure is fear and embarrassment. And so a movement forward into the unknown and the uncharted, must first involve the preparation of oneís mind, to the accepting of the reality of the many individual failures that must first come, in the process of overcoming the built in resistance, that is a part of every endeavor that one experiences throughout their life.

Those who do not understand and accept the dynamics of resistance in daily life cannot succeed. Manís natural desire to overcome is in conflict with the resistance that is interwoven into the fabric of life from the natural state of gravity down to the molecular orbits, which create the support structure of everything that exists.

Resistance is also present in interpersonal relationships, such as when individuals notices a dislike for someone in the absence of real evidence to understanding the reason why and exhibits a polarizing reaction to someone, much like the positive and negative reaction within magnetism.

There is resistance built into games and sporting events, in learning and education and in every thing that exists. Therefore, there is an opposition to every idea and within every labor throughout life. And still, most people trudge ahead without preparing for the inevitable failure that is sure to be present in each endeavor.

As there is resistance in life, there is also resistance in oneís spirit.

Evil must first be overcome within oneís spirit by the acceptance of Truths. The presence of Truth within oneís mind replaces lies as light dispels darkness by its very presence. Otherwise, without the needed accepted Truths, the unprepared soul has not the necessary foundation to stand against the skillful use of lies and deceit that those who use such weapons are prepared to use against anyone they can prevail against.

Becoming one with the Truth in the spirit and in science, creates a formidable defense against a world that lives in preferred darkness.

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