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October 18, 2009

Provide Foster Homes

We get constant calls to take in more cats and kittens, but we are full and our foster homes are bursting at the seams. We try hard never to turn anyone down when we are asked for help, but our current resources are very limited. We get calls because an owner passed on, went to a nursing home, or had a stroke and can no longer care for any pets. We get calls from people who are moving and their new landlord will not allow animals and from people who have been laid off and can no longer feed their pets.

At LCPS each animal in our care receives loving personal attention, skilled veterinary treatment, and a “home” for as long as it takes us to find a caring family to adopt it. We are a no-kill shelter and, you can rest assured that we will never put a healthy animal to sleep, even if it is not adoptable.

This is one of our present dilemmas. This year our adoption rate is way down due to the economy. We have a number of semi-tame cats that haven’t completed their socialization yet so they aren’t ready for adoption. We have some senior cats, but everyone wants kittens or young cats. These animals take up space and block us from being able to take in newcomers that are, perhaps, more adoptable. If you can provide temporary care for a cat until we can find a loving, permanent home for it please call us at 518-239-5901.

Spay/Neuter Your Own and Stray Animals

The law does not recognize that cats have owners and should be returned to their owners like dogs are when they get loose. This is why the animal control officers are not required to have anything to do with cats. If a stray cat is in your yard, it belongs to you. It is illegal to drop off cats and kittens at anyone‘s home or on someone’s property. If you catch someone doing this, get their license number, let us know, and report it to the police. As we understand, there is a $1,000 fine for doing this plus a potential year in prison.

Help us reduce the proliferation of animals in the wild. Call us when you have 2 or 3 stray cats. Don’t wait until you have 30 or 40! It is much easier and far less costly to prevent breeding in the wild when there are only a few cats instead of trying to fix the problem after nature has taken its course. When wild cats are in our care, we make every effort to tame and socialize them so they can go to loving homes. This, of course, takes time and a lot of patience.

We recently got a call from a lady who has 20 stray cats, including 3 litters of kittens! All of them need to be spayed/neutered and homes need to be found for all of them. This past April we took in 7 six month old kittens, 4 nursing moms, and 24 4 to 6 week old kittens from one location. Calls about stray cats and kittens are constant all spring and summer. People tell us that they cannot afford to spay/neuter the strays or even their own cats. However, there are $20 low cost spay/neuter certificates available from Ag & Markets for low income people. Call 800-342-9871 for information and an application. AnimalKind in Hudson has a low cost spay/neuter certificate also. Call Katrin at 518-822-8643. It is far less expensive to spay/neuter a few cats than to feed and care for all the potential offspring.

Many people tell us the strays in their yards are not friendly and they do not know how to trap them, nor do they have traps. LCPS is able to help trap stray animals, spay/neuter them, and release them if you are willing to continue feeding them. AnimalKind has traps they will rent out if you want to do your own trapping.

Send Us Donations

We need monetary donations to continue and expand our trap/spay/neuter/release (TNR) program, to provide veterinary care, shelter, food, and litter for the animals in our care, and to build our construction fund to renovate a barn into a stand alone animal shelter. If you cannot send us money, perhaps you have old towels, bedding, food dishes, pet carriers, animal crates/cages, or toys that you no longer need or want? All donations are gratefully received and are also 100% tax deductible.

We are in great need of computers for our volunteers and foster care givers so we can communicate more efficiently by e-mail. We need digital cameras and video cameras to photograph our animals and get them listed on our web sites, and .


We need help with grant writing, fundraising, setting up educational programs with local schools, transportation to spay/neuter clinics, and transportation to vets. We need help writing articles and press releases for local papers, taking photos, feeding, and medicating our animals and cleaning up after them. We would also like to start a newsletter. If you can help us please call us at 518-239-5901.

Thank you.

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