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Americans are Really Secular

I'm not a Catholic, nor a follower of any of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Baha'i faith), but I have noticed that Christians in the West have embraced the past five hundred years ofsecular social progress, nearly all of which contradicts biblical tradition:
...democracy and representative government in place of monarchy and belief in the divine right of kings; the separation of church and state; the abolition of (human) slavery; the emancipation of women; birth control; the sexual revolution; LGBT rights...
As an animal activist, I think it's odd they would suddenly become an obstacle to social and moral progress when it comes to animal rights, but that's what's going on!
When I cited the Supreme Court decision Griswold v. Connecticut in a letter to the editor of my local newspaper, the Tri-Valley Herald, in November 1992, I was clearly arguing for privacy, and NOT against contraception, which I'd already used before anyway.
I'm not the least fazed that Catholics are using birth control. About a decade ago, at a Berkeley Pro-Life meeting, I gave a secular analogy to demonstrate that contraception is victimless.
Jim and Liza Frey (Catholic and Russian Orthodox respectively) reacted favorably, calling it a wonderful analogy. (This suggests they've used it themselves!) They did not label me a "heretic," "the devil," nor damn me to hell, etc. for contradicting church teaching. And Jim went to Catholic school as a youth.
As 19th century agnostic Robert Ingersoll observed, Americans have come to believe more in the Periodic Table of Elements than in anything in the Bible. A century ago, for example, ALL Christian churches opposed birth control.
We're mainstream secular Americans first, with our religious identity second!
In October 2007, I was matched online on with a single mother from out of state. We spent a romantic weekend together.
She didn't disclose her religious identity to me until after we made love, which is the way it should be. Why should religious identity interfere with true love?
(When I see an attractive woman, the first thought that crosses my mind is not, "Is she Trinitarian or non-Trinitarian?", nor "Does she 'work' for her salvation?", nor even "Is she Republican or Democrat?")
And after our lovemaking, when she disclosed her religious identity to me and said she's Catholic, I wasn't fazed. I didn't react with, "Huh? You were the one saying 'we'll need condoms' for our lovemaking. And we're not married, either!"
I related all this a couple of years ago to a beautiful latina Catholic woman I was dating, during our lovemaking, indicating I wasn't fazed and indicating that we Americans really live in a secular society.
A few years ago, the pro-choicers on AlterNet (a liberal headlines email newsletter) were gloating that Catholics are using contraception and having abortions at the same rate as everyone else in mainstream secular American society.
In 1985, Diane (Jewish, and a friend of my college roommate John Antypas), mentioned the story from the Old Testament of Onan spilling his seed, and said conservative Christians see that story as proof that masturbation is sinful.
My friend and roommate Chris, half-Jewish and half-Protestant, a liberal Christian, responded, no, Onan's sin was disobeying God's order to impregnate a woman... not spilling his seed.
But conservative Christians don't see it like that!
Even some liberal Christians don't!
The late Reverend Janet Regina Hyland (1933 - 2007) wrote in the January 1998 issue of Humane Religion (her Christian vegetarian periodical at the time) about "The Compassion of a 'Pagan'," referring to Ovid, whose Metamorphoses was clearly inspired by Pythagorean doctrine (reincarnation).
Regina quoted Ovid decrying the slaughter of cattle and sheep:  
"But why have you deserved to die, you sheep, you harmless breed... Why have the oxen deserved this?... From whence such hunger in man after unnatural and unlawful foods? Do you dare, O mortal race, to continue to feed on flesh?...
"To what wicked habits does he accustom his palate... who cuts the throat of a calf, turning a deaf ear to its piteous moans?
"Or, who has the heart to pierce the throat of a kid which utters cries like those of a child, or who can feed on the bird whom he has fed with his own hand?"
Regina even commented in a footnote: " his earlier years, Ovid wrote the ultimate, erotic 'love' poems, beloved by countless generations of college undergraduates with raging hormones."
In a 2006 or 2007 phone conversation, shortly before she passed away, Regina Hyland (then in her early 70s) told me she was celibate. I asked her, "What about masturbation?
If you're masturbating, you're not truly celibate. To be a guru or a spiritual master in Krishna Consciousness, one must control the tongue (which refers not only to gossip, but to prajalpa, mundane or secular conversation, as well as diet), the belly (diet again, not just vegetarianism based on nonviolence and only eating prasadam or food offered to the Lord, but gluttony as well), and the genitals.
(Jewish writer Mark Matthew Braunstein, in his 1981 book, Radical Vegetarianism, similarly writes: "Like monks masturbating, milk-drinking vegetarians are imitating the very thing they wish to avoid [animal cruelty].")
So I asked Regina, "What about masturbation?"
Regina became indignant, and refused to answer the question!
On the other hand, Regina (raised Catholic, but went on to become an evangelical Protestant minister), was amused when I told her that on the late '80s television show China Beach (depicting nurses serving in Vietnam in the late 1960s during the Vietnam War), the nurses were joking among themselves: "Women who use the 'rhythm method' are known as mothers!"

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