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Canada: Vegan Environmental Party

 The Vegan Environmental Party / Parti écologique végan is the voice for animal rights in the Ontario provincial election. Our platform focuses on animals, the environment, and social justice.DescriptionThe Vegan Environmental Party / Parti écologique végan advocates:

- an end to all government funding for animal agriculture, which kills hundreds of millions of animals per year in Ontario, is a significant cause of global warming, and contributes to the three leading causes of death in Ontario (cancer, heart disease, and stroke)

- implementing a subsidy and training program to assist in the transition of those currently involved in animal agriculture to plant based agriculture or other employment

- a greater emphasis on preventive health care, including nutritional counseling

- a complete overhaul of the Ministry of Natural Resources, to focus on protecting and enhancing Ontario's ecosystems for the benefit of all (humans and nonhuman animals alike), rather than manipulating the environment for the benefit of hunters

- no new nuclear power plants, and the phasing out of existing ones while focusing on renewable energy sources

- raising the Ontario Works (welfare) and Ontario Disability Support Program rates to reflect the actual cost of living in Ontario

- raising the minimum wage for workers to one that reflects the true cost of living

- implementing an affordable housing subsidy that effectively caps housing costs at a maximum 30% of income

- greater funding for affordable, high-quality public transportation

- smaller class sizes

- the elimination of post-secondary tuition fees at public colleges and universities

- better educational facilities for children with special needs, including the availability of needed services in their own neighbourhoods

- an end to public funding of religious education 

-elimination of our current non-democratic "first past the post" electoral system in favour of proportional representation

In the 2011 election, candidates in three electoral districts:
- Paul Figueiras, Party Leader, Mississauga South
- Harvey Rotenberg, Party President, Toronto Centre
- Rosemary Waigh, Don Valley West

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