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Adam Corolla

"Adam Carolla is not a terribly talented stand up comedian, but he is a very talented radio personality.
"Anyone in the business will tell you that. He has a knack for radio comedy and it's what has kept him working steadily for twenty years or so while a lot of his contemporaries flame out."
I agree with you that Adam Corolla is a very talented radio personality. I remember him co-hosting Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky in the late '90s. Dr. Drew is a board certified physician, and he routinely promotes "emergency contraception" for any and all sexually active listeners.
Loveline is a radio call-in show with open and frank discussion on sex and drugs. The advice given on Loveline helps troubled teens in particular.
If you merely listen to an hour of Loveline, you'll realize there's no going back to the '50s for mainstream secular American society. You'll hear accounts of thirteen year olds dropping acid, fifteen year olds getting pregnant, etc.
Adam Corolla co-hosted Loveline for a number of years, and kept the radio audience in stitches with talk of his plans for world domination, his dissing of community colleges, inventing made up words like "ricockulous" (that is, replacing the "dic" in "ridiculous" with the word "cock"), etc.
Before becoming an on-air personality, Adam Corolla worked in construction. His humor is irreverent, but not offensive.
On one occasion in 1999, for example, Adam Corolla was relating on Loveline that he had recently made a guest appearance playing himself on the short-lived ABC sitcom, Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.
He said toward the end of the episode, he was offering advice to someone on the show, prompting one of the actresses on the show to say (scripted), "Listen to him. He's a therapist."
Adam Corolla then had to explain (scripted) to the actress that he's not really a therapist, but merely an on-air personality whose previous background was in construction.
"Oh, so you're just some carpenter with an opinion," was the actress' scripted reply.
"Well, what was Jesus?"...was the response Adam Corolla *wanted* to give, but the show's producers wouldn't let him!
Relating the incident on Loveline, Adam Corolla then went on a rant against network censors!

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