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Captain Crunch

Charlesvan wrote:
"It is far from anything revolutionary. Stoners tend to be the opposite of revolutionaries. Just getting high and entertainment, food, video games, movies, and music are a way of life for them."
Tell me about it! In the mid-'80s, my younger brother was amused at seeing kids in our age group (college students) buying Captain Crunch cereal (sugar cereals are usually associated with children) and went and did likewise, to the embarrassment of his roommate at the time (and our mutual friend) John Antypas, when he and John went shopping at the nearby supermarket.
(A couple of years later, John's first girlfriend, Ann Muir Thomas, would explain that because John was born slightly handicapped, he's spent his entire life trying to blend in, trying to look normal.)
I tried to explain to my brother that smoking pot gives people the "munchies"... and that's why they're purchasing Captain Crunch cereal.
He didn't seem to understand.
Hey, I'm not that naive!
I've been drug, alcohol, and caffeine free since 1991, and have no intention of starting again.
Even without pot and the "munchies" and/or the empty calories of alcohol, I have enough of a problem keeping my weight down. And the real reason to go vegetarian or go vegan is for the animals, not fad dieting!

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