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The Dark Side of Science

 "Science is the only rational tool available in our quest for knowledge, but science has become a whore. Many of the so-called scientists today, and in history, are merely prostitutes for the powers that be. It has to be held accountable for its lies and deceit fueled by the  ideology of these entities.
"I have and have had many scientists friends thru the years. I love their sharpness of mind but why is it that inevitably most of them gravitate towards a Eugenics philosophy? 
"Many have told me straight up that the answer for humanity is depopulation; too many mouth breathers is how one put it..."
"Many of the so-called scientists today, and in history are merely prostitutes for the powers that be."
A similar statement was made in the 1982 movie Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan, that scientists have always been pawns of the military. 
I repeated these words in 1984, when Vaishnavaite Hindu political activist Pariksit dasa was blaming the scientists (rather than the military!) for creating nuclear weapons, etc. During the Vietnam War, for example, General Curtis LeMay raised eyebrows when he claimed the atom bomb was just another weapon!
Attacking vivisection (animal experimentation), Nina Hagen and Lene Lovitch similarly sang in 1987:
"We all want to see through life's mystery
"The quest for knowledge is a natural activity
"But science be careful -- science be kind
"We can't go on pretending to be blind
"Those animal experiments don't make sense
"You're getting nowhere with cruelty and death
"I say ignorance was some excuse
"But not now -- you see we got the proof
"Animal testing is a dangerious game
"All systems are different -- we're not the same
"It's a terrible risk -- so no surprise
"We get wrong results -- hey what about Thalidomide?
"Abuse yourself of your own free will
"Get hurt -- get high -- get in distress
"But don't drag the animals into this mess
"No more torture! The animals are free
"The same with messing around with atomic energy
"Hey hey doctor - reincarnation
"Would you like to come back as a laboratory rat?
"Here we are coiled like a sleeping snake
"We got to expand out potential
"For God's sake
"If we want to avoid this endless human riot
"Why don't we start by changing our diet?
"Life is for living -- the animals agree
"If they were meant to be eaten
"They'd be growing on trees
"So no more torture of our furry friends
"In the name of food or scientific ends
"The pressure is on -- be antivivisection!
"All our scientists are messing up - they don't succeed
"Let the psychics tell what the spirits think we need
"Our super friends from other planets want to give advice
"But the money orientated business doesn't think that's nice
"Come on let's educate the mutated human race
"By the super power of amazing grace
"The missing link of human evolution
"Is sexuality - it needs a spiritual revolution
"My individual God identity
"Is what you've gotta meet
"It's the rhythm of the beat
"Don't kill the animals
"Don't kill the animals
"The animals are free..."
When I played that song off of PETA's Animal Liberation cassette for my friend Greg in the late '80s, he said it reminded him of  "Nemesis" by Shriekback from a few years earlier.
"Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals 
"Everybody's happy as the dead come home 
"Big black nemesis, parthenogenesis 
"No one move a muscle as the dead come home..." 
In a 1996 article, "Nazis and Animals: Debunking the Myths," Roberta Kalechofsky of Jews for Animal Rights states that Hitler "had a special fondness for sausages and caviar, and sometimes ham," as well as "liver dumplings." 
Kalechofsky states further that the Nazis experimented on animals as well as humans in the concentration camps:
"The evidence of Nazi experiments on animals is overwhelming. In The Dark Face of Science, author John Vyvyan summed it up correctly: ‘The experiments made on prisoners were many and diverse, but they had one thing in common: all were in continuation of, or complementary to, experiments on animals. 
"In every instance, this antecedent scientific literature is mentioned in the evidence, and at Buchenwald and Auschwitz concentration camps, human and animal experiments were carried out simultaneously as parts of a single programme.’" 
"Many have told me straight up that the answer for humanity is depopulation; 'too many mouth breathers' is how one put it."
In the late '80s I commented from Southern California via email to pro-life student John Morrow at Rutgers University in New Jersey (he was arguing against abortion on liberal, secular human rights grounds) that we don't see pro-lifers distributing condoms on campuses to reduce the demand for abortions, what to speak of addressing the issue of "overpopulation," etc.!
A few years later, CNN ran a story about "entertainers" on campus distributing condoms! 
This led me to conclude that pro-life Christians, thinking themselves smugly superior to the rest of the world, where there isn't any dating, nor boyfriends/girlfriends, etc...
(they credit Christianity, rather than the past five hundred years of secular social progress, which includes the emancipation of women, birth control, and the sexual revolution, all of which was resisted by previous generations of Christians, like Christians today resisting animal rights)
...find it impossible themselves to be open and honest about contraception and fellatio! 
Depopulation, huh? My friend Greg, an LGBT Catholic, once quipped lightheartedly, "Gays keep the population down!"
In my 2006 book, The Liberal Case Against Abortion, I wrote:
"While there may be religious reasons to oppose contraception, divorce, fornication, homosexuality, masturbation, oral sex, etc. there are no rational, secular arguments against such practices."
If a pregnant teen goes into a Crisis Pregnancy Center, the Christians there will not judge her for the sin of fornication, nor equate the victimless crime of fornication with the sin of killing an unborn child. 
Even pro-life Christians distinguish between victimless crimes and crimes with victims!
And pro-life Christians aren't exactly in the forefront to legalize (or at the very least decriminalize) prostitution to reduce the number of abortions, either!
I wrote further that drugs and prostitution are arguably victimless as well. Again, distinguishing abortion from victimless crimes.
Many on the religious right link their opposition to abortion to things like school prayer, opposing LGBT rights, etc... 
And to many of us on the secular left, this makes abortion look like a "religious" issue, rather than a secular human rights issue!

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