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From Disgrace to Honor

It can be argued that Jimmy Carter was in over his head due to circumstances beyond his control, and left the White House in disgrace. But he quickly turned things around and has become a respected moral and political figure.
Unlike many on the right, Jimmy Carter has proven himself to be both deeply religious, yet able to separate church and state, i.e., his religion from his politics. Jimmy Carter monitors elections in Latin America and teaches Sunday School in Plains, GA. Only a blithering idiot would confuse the two!
Winning praise for diplomacy, charity and philanthropy (e.g., the Carter Center, Habitat for Humanity, etc.), by 1992, Carter was recognized as an elder statesman within the Democratic Party. Even Bill Clinton sought his advice when running for president.
Carter's post-presidential service has won him praise from across the political spectrum. When I commented to some conservative pro-life friends years ago that Jimmy Carter was one of the best presidents of the late 20th century, they were willing to concede he's one of the best ex-presidents.
Carter's post-presidential reputation has gotten recognition from many in the younger generation. In 2007, I spent a romantic weekend with a single mother I met through an online dating service. As we initially got to know each other, she spoke favorably of Jimmy Carter.
Since she was born on January 31, 1973, I wondered if she would have been old enough to even remember the Carter Administration! She was less than eight years old when he left office.
Jimmy Carter *deserves* the Nobel Peace Prize and the status of a respected moral and political figure.

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