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Is God a Vegetarian?

"The ethics of reverence for life is the ethics of Jesus, philosophically expressed, made cosmic in scope, and conceived as intellectually necessary." (Albert Schweitzer, Pilgrimage to Humanity, 1961)

"A God who is understood only as 'the god of humankind' is no longer the God of the Bible."

--Reverend Claus Westermann

"Dr. Richard Alan Young refuses to shame us with moralisms about animal rights; instead, he invites us to consider the whole of the Christian message of repentance, justice, and concern for all of God''s creatures as it might lead us to vegetarianism...Young is aware of and deftly uses important current theological and philosophical trends such as narrative theology, virtue ethics, and a revitalized ecclesiology."

--Charles Pinches, Professor of Theology, co-author, Good News for Animals?

"Richard Alan Young has combined a bold thesis -- that a morally responsible Christianity demands serious consideration of vegetarianism as a way of honoring God's creation in all its richness -- with a nuanced reading of the Bible and the tradition that respects the complexity of the issues involved. Plus he offers recipes! He may not change your way of eating, but he will certainly change your way of thinking about what you're eating."

--Luke Timothy Johnson, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"Today, increasing numbers of Christians choose not to eat animals. They see vegetarianism as an extension of Christ's nonviolent ministry. As they follow this path, they hope for support from the Bible and the Christian tradition. But they also want to be honest about those strands of the tradition that are hostile to animal well-being. Dr. Richard Alan Young has given them their sourcebook. He is faithful to animals, to the Bible with its many voices, and to the God of nonviolent love. This book has been needed for some time. Now we have it."

--Jay McDaniel, author, Of God and Pelicans

In his 1999 book, Is God A Vegetarian?, Baptist theologian Dr.Richard Alan Young writes:

An "aspect of the peaceable kingdom, as incredible as it may seem, is the cessation of death. The resurrection of Christ gave the apostles assurance of future victory over the forces of decay and death (I Cor 15:26, 54-57). John says that God will wipe away every tear, and there will be no death (Rev 21:4). if there will be no death, there will be no killing. The Hebrew prophets believed that killing of any kind would be antithetical to a peaceable kingdom...

"...The redemption of animals and humans is inseparably bound, for humans will continue to exploit animals and other humans until their own bondage to evil is purged fro the heart. God's goal then is not simply the redemption of humanity, but liberation of all creation from bondage to sin...

"Christians have every right to protest against cruel, insensitive, and barbaric slaughter of animals, for it grotesquely reflects a fallen race that has lost its way. It reflects a disrespect for God and a lack of love and compassion for God's creation...

"Most people are very affectionate toward animals and grieve over their death. However, relatively few are aware of the cruelty and suffering that factory-farmed animals have to endure. If consumers personally had to raise animals with the torturous methods of intensive animal farming and then personally slaughter the animals they ate, ver few would continue to eat meat...Yet unwittingly, they are abetting one of the most hideous industries humanity has ever devised.

"If meat-eating is part of a fallen world, then we must seriously consider who has entered the kingdom and seeks to travel with God on the journey into the promised future...A meatless diet can bring substantial healing to our devastated environment, mend shattered relations within the creation community, and help restore our deteriorated physical and spiritual condition. The choice is between a meat-eating diet that celebrates a fallen world, or a vegetarian diet that celebrates new life through the risen Christ..."

Recipes include:

Broccoli Stroganoff
Vegan Sunflower Seed "Sour Cream"
Tofu Lasagna with Vegan "Cheese Sauce"
Vegetarian Chili
Soybean Cornbread
Meatless Loaf
Pumpkin Pie
Minestrone Soup
Bean Burritos
Vegetable Rice Pilaf
Millet Burgers with Country-Style Vegan "Gravy"
Pasta Primavera
Carob Pudding
Taco Salad
Macaroni and Vegan "Cheese"
Spanish Rice
Heavenly Stew
Granola Cookies / Bars
Fudgy Brownies with Carob-Coconut Frosting

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