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Pro-life bigots

Wesley J. Smith believes in "universal human equality" but excludes *animals* from moral concern. This is *speciesism* or discrimination on the basis of species. Wesley J. Smith warns: "Those with insufficient capacities, are to be deemed human 'non-persons,' are to be viewed of lesser moral value, and hence, potentially subject to both killing and objectification for harvesting, medical experimentation, etc.

In Animal Liberation, Peter Singer writes about vivisection (animal experimentation): "...their readiness to use nonhuman animals reveals an unjustifiable form of discrimination on the basis of species... The LD50 tests, the Draize eye tests, the radiation experiments, the heatstroke experiments, and many others that cause suffering to nonhuman animals could have told us more about human reactions to the experimental situation if they had been carried out on severely brain-damaged humans instead of dogs or rabbits.

"So whenever experimenters claim that their experiments are important enough to justify the use of animals, we should ask them whether they would be prepared to use a brain-damaged human being at a mental level similar to that of the animals they are planning to use... What difference is there between the two? Only that one is a member of our species and the other is not? But to appeal to that difference is to reveal a bias no more defensible than racism or any other form of arbitrary discrimination."

And *Wesley J. Smith* is calling Peter Singer a bigot? Admittedly, the case against abortion on secular human rights grounds is weakened once species membership is no longer the deciding factor.

Since when have pro-lifers feared secular political debate or a growing secular political movement?

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