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Progressive Pro-Lifers

 Katie McDonough on writes:

"It’s just eight sentences in a much longer piece, but it’s significant to see such a frank discussion of abortion in a wedding announcement..."

If there's no stigma in abortion, there's no reason it can't be discussed casually and openly, right?

I was in high school during the Carter Administration, and in college during the Reagan years.

An older gentleman, Rick, told us what it was like being in college during the late 1960s.

Rick said long hair on males was considered radical, and wouldn't become common and widespread until the '70s.

Rick said antiwar protests took place only on the East and West coasts, and there were no demonstrations in the Midwest and in the South (the Bible belt).

Rick said at any planning events for antiwar protests, if any women were present, they were merely expected to make coffee and do the dishes...

...the women's movement hadn't impacted America. That wouldn't happen until the '70s.

Rick said in the 1960s, if anyone were to say, "I'm for legal abortion," people would have reacted as if the person advocating legal abortion were a radical nut...

...whereas, now, Rick said, "it just means that you're liberal."

And, I countered, there are still liberals (like myself) opposed to abortion!

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