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Resisting Social Progress

The Christians are NOT resisting vegetarianism because they think it's being propagated by "moonies," they're resisting vegetarianism on anti-semitic grounds!
They're the ones pointing their fingers at their noses; yawning; sticking their legs out, mimicking a dog taking a leak; saying, "What?"; grumbling about "work"; saying "so much garbage" at every opportunity; saying, "Jew up!", "Jew ever," "always Jew," "always been," "really nice," "pick up," etc. at every opportunity.
Their forefathers probably told the abolitionists, "Quaker up!"
They do not think vegetarianism based upon compassion for animals is central to their faith, under the category of loving God and loving one's neighbor.
Adolf Hitler thought Albert Einstein's scientific discoveries were mere "Jewish science" and thus not applicable to gentiles. This is the mentality of meat-eating Christians towards vegetarianism, which they regard as a sectarian (like circumcision) dietary restriction (like "keeping kosher"), rather than as a universal ethic for all mankind (like abstaining from cannibalism).
In past decades, abortion was dismissed by liberals as a "Catholic" issue, a "conservative Christian" issue, etc. Now that pro-lifers have some political power, they're dismissing animal rights as a "Jewish" issue. Same bigotry. Different religious label.
(Even the heavenly and very pro-life Michelle Renee Bean admitted the phrase "always been" is anti-semitic.)

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