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Stop Playing a Sectarian Game!

UC Berkeley law professor John T. Noonan, Jr., a Catholic, describes the discrimination pro-lifers faced from fellow Christians as well as from mainstream secular American society in his 1979 book, A Private Choice: Abortion in America in the Seventies. 
In her essay "Life and Peace," Juli Loesch wrote that when she spoke out against abortion at an antinuclear gathering, she: 
"...tried to present a meticulous *secular* case against abortion. I marshalled all the scientific evidence... I followed it up with the most basic principle found in every human ethical system... do not do to others what you would not like done to you. 
"This was rewarded by a brief silence, which was broken by a single question: 
‘Are you a Catholic?... Well, then. You’re imposing your religious beliefs...’ 
"And, therefore, I suppose, I lose." 
Pro-lifers must not play a sectarian game with animal activists. Saying, "*Your* religion says it's wrong to kill animals, mine doesn't..." is pointless when someone from a differing denomination could just as easily say, "Your religion says it's wrong to kill the unborn, mine doesn't." There are pro-choice Protestant denominations, like the United Church of Christ.
As an animal advocate and a secularist, I've never understood the attempts of pro-life Christians to unsuccessfully deflect the issues of animal rights and vegetarianism by depicting them solely as someone else's "religious beliefs" which they think don't apply to them. 
A lot of people look at abortion that way, too, you know! 
Claiming, "Your religion says it's wrong to kill animals -- mine doesn't..." is pointless when someone from another denomination could just as easily say, "Your religion says it's wrong to kill the unborn -- mine doesn't..." 
On the other hand, perhaps pro-life Christians *do* see the abortion issue as sectarian. 
My friend Ruth once told me when she was doing sidewalk counseling outside an abortion clinic with a couple of other Christians, these Christians were saying to her: 
"We only want to prevent *Christian* women from having abortions..." 
"I guess that leaves me to minister to the pagan!" said Ruth lightheartedly.

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