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Talk Dirty To Me

Australian philosopher Peter Singer, author of the 1975 book, Animal Liberation, went over the line in equating animal rights with human rights, not by saying animals should have the right to vote and/or the right to an education, but rather when he wrote an essay on bestiality entitled "Dearest Pet." 

At that point, nearly everyone in the animal rights movement distanced themselves from Peter Singer! 

Ingrid Newkirk, Executive Director of  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), respectful toward Peter Singer as the author of Animal Liberation, merely called the piece "provocative." 

Dr. Tom Regan, the foremost intellectual leader of the animal rights movement and author of the 1983 book, The Case for Animal Rights respectfully disagreed with Peter Singer's essay on bestiality saying animals are like children: and just as a child cannot consent to sex, neither can an animal consent to sex.

But Singer's words (perhaps tongue-in-cheek?) indicate the absolute necessity of animal rights when it comes to crimes like bestiality. 

From the Huffington Post:

A Raeford, NC, woman is accused of having sex with dogs while her Fort Bragg soldier husband filmed them. The couple posted the videos on the Internet, police say.

It can be argued that bestiality is unnatural. But it wasn't too long ago similar accusations were leveled against heterosexuals using contraception, engaged in masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc... what to speak of LGBTs!
Recognizing animals as persons will prohibit crimes from being committed against them!

Law professor Gary Francione said in an article on animal rights appearing in the August 1988 issue of Harper's magazine that the biggest legal obstacle to animal rights is that animals are considered property, and not persons. 

As long as animals are property, sex with animals cannot be a crime, any more than sex with a dildo or a vibrator is a crime. The animals cannot be raped or violated by humans, because they are property and not persons. 

"Heavenly fields on a sunny day
"All five senses, wooh, they're poppin' at 'cha
"Now my little friend is comin' out to play

"I just love, love, love that sexy little thing

"I wanna roll all up in it
"Get my sticky fingers all squeaky clean, wooh
"It's stretched out and hardly fittin'
"I got my buttons poppin' off my chest

"I love, love, love, that sexy little thing
"Sexy little thing

"She can drive, I get wasted
"A stoner's dream on a Friday night, yeah

"Love, love, love that sexy little thing..."
Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Gossip Girl star's fascinating vibrator furor," by Mary Elizabeth Williams
America will always be intrigued with sexy little pieces of jailbait — but, as it turns out, we’re not too comfortable with the notion of them getting off on their own devices. Take Taylor Momsen. No one would accuse the 16-year-old “Gossip Girl” star and pop singer of having a surplus of discretion — she’s already stirred up plenty of controversy in recent weeks by badmouthing Miley Cyrus and her “Disney bubblegum shit,” smoking, prancing around in stripper shoes, and writhing around in a weird send-up of the Last Supper for her “Miss Nothing” video. So it shouldn’t exactly have come as a shock when she revealed to Disorder magazine this week that lately she’s “not into guys” and that “her best friend is her vibrator.”
But shock it did. PopCrunch lamented that her comment was “Wrongtown USA!” because “this child is 16,” and Hollywood Life pronounced her “out of control.” Yet leave it to our most reliable morality cop, Perez Hilton, to show Momsen how to be really gross in public (and reveal his ignorance on the distinctions between sex toys) — with a post about how she “can’t live without her dildo.” Cue requisite Twitter battle of half-wits, with Hilton offering her a fist-shaped dildo and accusing her of behaving “like a 40-year-old hooker.” 
Eventually, Gawker stepped into the fray, rightly declaring Perez “disgusting” but decreeing, “A 16-year-old — and especially one who has already taken so much flak for acting ‘too grown up’ at times — probably shouldn’t be talking about vibrators in an interview.”
Well, should she? Momsen may not be the role model I’d prefer my tween daughters to emulate, but the collective horror over her reference to self-pleasure speaks volumes about how taboo the subject still is. And frankly, if I’d had a vibrator at 16, high school would have sucked a lot less.
Male masturbation — in particular adolescent male masturbation — is so blithely accepted it has its own canon — from movies like “Spanking the Monkey” and “American Pie” to an astonishing number of pop songs. Suffice to say that if you’re a teenage boy, everybody assumes you’re about to beat it, you just beat it, or you’re beating it right now.
But girls? We hit our first stirrings of big league horniness, and we think the guy who scratches that itch is a miracle worker. It must be the real thing — I feel it in my bathing suit area! Some might get aggressively in your face about their newfound wantonness, possibly because many females are accustomed to being displayed and shared. Being sexual just for yourself, on the other hand, is something that takes a lot of ladies a long time to embrace. Maybe if we had a few more Rabbit Pearls in our hands, we wouldn’t be so eager to cash in our V cards — and even avoid a few teen pregnancies along the way.
Sure, the retail industry for sex accessories for women is considerably more elaborate than the one for men — which is located in the sock department of JCPenney. But ever wonder why so many women still equate sex with love? Could it be in part because they’re still barraged with the message that there’s something dirty or weird or inferior with loving themselves — especially when it involves equipment? Behold, for example, the advice from Redbook that a lady’s fiancé “replace that vibrator” because “women prefer the real thing.” 
“The real thing” is plenty awesome, but why does a vibrator have to have a rep as a shabby substitute for Mr. Right, instead of as something that just gives pleasure?
When you figure out you can rock your own world just fine, it changes how you view sex. You understand that that specific, everything-is-right-with-the-world feeling isn’t luuuuuuv, and you don’t have to overromanticize something your male counterpart can rub out in the shower before homeroom. Taylor Momsen might not be the soul of youthful wisdom, but there’s something unique and powerful about a teenage girl announcing she doesn’t depend on a boy to feel good. It might not be the buzz her critics were expecting from her, but I suspect it makes her happy nonetheless.
"Naturally I'm part of my generation. I like the way people bring things out into the open. I'd hate it if when you spoke about sex everybody curled away."
--George Harrison, during the height of Beatlemania
Wikipedia on former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders:In January 1993 Bill Clinton appointed her the United States Surgeon General, making her the first African American and the second woman following Antonia Novello, to hold the position. She was a controversial choice, a strong backer of the Clinton health care plan and she was not confirmed until September 7, 1993. 
As surgeon general, Elders quickly established a reputation for controversy. Like many of the surgeon generals before her, she was an outspoken advocate of a variety of health-related causes. She argued for an exploration of the possibility of drug legalization and backed the distribution of contraceptives in schools. President Clinton stood by Elders, saying that she was misunderstood.
In 1994, she was invited to speak at a United Nations conference on AIDS. She was asked whether it would be appropriate to promote masturbation as a means of preventing young people from engaging in riskier forms of sexual activity, and she replied, "I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught." 
This remark caused great controversy and resulted in Elders losing the support of the White House. White House chief of staff Leon Panetta remarked, "There have been too many areas where the President does not agree with her views. This is just one too many." Elders was fired by President Clinton as a result of the controversy in December 1994.
I commend Taylor Momsen for being open about her sexuality, even if it is only a vibrator! 
Male masturbation doesn't raise any eyebrows, but female masturbation is rarely talked about. A book of rock & roll music lists from the early '80s lists numerous songs from the rock & roll era that were about masturbation:
"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on" by Jerry Lee Lewis"
In My Room" by the Beach Boys
"Blinded by the Light" by Bruce Springsteen
"Captain Jack" by Billy Joel
"Dancing with Myself" by Billy Idol
The list goes on and on!
Again. female masturbation is rarely talked about. On a VH1 Behind the Music or Driven broadcast from several years ago, however, they were showing the early years of the Go Gos. There was a scene from the late '70s where a young and rebellious Belinda Carlisle was asking, "Why can't women 'jack off'?!"
...that is, why isn't female masturbation as acceptable as male masturbation?
Cuddling with Jennifer, my first romantic interest, while we were watching in February 1991, Christina Amphlett appeared, singing, "I Touch Myself."
"What's that?" asked Jennifer.
"The Divinyls singing about masturbation," I replied.
"Oh," she said.
My friend Chris and I saw Woody Harrelson's The People Versus Larry Flynt together in 1997. 
Chris once commented in the '90s that women are just as interested in and preoccupied with sex as men are, but that we live in a society in which they are not as able to freely express themselves in this regard as men are...
But that's starting to change. My friend Leigh in San Diego enjoys frequenting a male strip club called Girls' Night Out.
Similarly, in September 2007, I was matched through an online dating service to a beautiful woman living in another state. On her profile, she said the one thing she's really passionate about:
"Sex ;) I'm in my 30's for chrissakes! I mean, my kids are doing well. My life is on track. My friends are there for me. I'm a normal human being. I don't think I've missed any 'passionate' bases..."
As we got to know each other, I found her to be very sexually expressive: saying coyly, for example, that she's skilled at fellatio (and she proved it to me twice, when we spent a romantic weekend together!).
Exchanging e-mails, she wrote on September 15, 2007, four weeks before we met:
"Seriously I could probably talk about sex for days.....
"Women in their thirties.....
"You might want to look that up before we meet, and I arrive with a case of condoms;)) "
When I wrote to her a couple of weeks later that I was worried she might end her travel plans, she replied on September 27th:
"Of course not! I already paid for that trip. You better 'put out'!
"...I know I want it all."
And we spent a passionate weekend together that coming October!

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