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Vegan Sex Toys

I was at a vegan event in San Francisco, CA, during the afternoon and evening in September 2011. There was a raffle, and I won a gift bag of items from a vegan sex shop.
I immediately thought of Adeline, the girl I was dating... thinking of the cruelty-free fun she and I could be having together!  
The items include:
1. an edible candle, made entirely of natural ingredients, and melts into a warm massage oil and moisturizer tool.  It can be drizzled on your favorite spot for a warm and "tasty" sensual massage (not intended for complete ingestion).
2. a natural feminine intimate lubricant from sliquid organics "offering women a healthier choice" - botanically infused, glycerine free.  100% vegan friendly, no animal testing, certified organic; latex, rubber, and plastic friendly; organic botanical extracts.
3. a dozen new durex brand soft-as-skin non-latex avanti bare "next-to-nothing" feel condoms.
I wrote to Adeline, new to the vegan scene, about these things, and she replied:

You know we do not need anything but our hearts when we make love. Though we sometimes have problems with climax, you and I find a way to enjoy, satisfy, and  find ways for your and I experience the bliss of love... No toys needed as you and I know what to do to turn each other on. Kisses...

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