Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they traumatize animals. 
No cruelty is justifiable.

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Stop Fireworks
A Project of the Ohio Animal Defense League
A campaign to
stop fireworks from traumatizing animals


Alley Cat Allies

"We are glad to offer our firm support in your effort to have fireworks banned from events at the new stadium for several reasons.  Communities must be encouraged to consider the negative effect on wildlife habitat of population growth and increased development.  The noise of fireworks can utterly terrify both domestic and wild animals; in addition, many animals have much more sensitive hearing than humans and explosive sounds can physically damage their ears.  The events and activities planned for this stadium will by themselves be destructive to habitat and stressful for wildlife living nearby.  The additional stress of fireworks is not necessary and should not be allowed."

Donna Wilcox, Executive Director,
Alley Cat Allies, Washington, DC

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