Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they traumatize animals. 
No cruelty is justifiable.

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Stop Fireworks
A Project of the Ohio Animal Defense League
A campaign to
stop fireworks from traumatizing animals


Animal Protection Institute

"The stadium will be built in a densely populated residential area.  We are concerned that on occasion professional high-grade explosive fireworks will be used at the stadium.  Most residents in this area have companion animals, including dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits; also inhabiting the area is wildlife. 

In addition to the physical risks of injuries and burns, many companion animals fear the excitement and noise created by fireworks.  Dogs and cats have very good hearing and may be sensitive to the noises, even from afar.  In panic or confusion, they may go to great lengths to escape their enclosures, such as digging under fences of chewing through leashes.  In fact, fireworks result in the influx of more runaway and lost companion animals into animal shelters than any other source.  On behalf of our more than 85,000 members, we ask that you reconsider the use of fireworks at the new stadium."

Alan Berger, Executive Director,
Animal Protection Institute, Sacramento, CA

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