Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they traumatize animals. 
No cruelty is justifiable.

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Stop Fireworks
A Project of the Ohio Animal Defense League
A campaign to
stop fireworks from traumatizing animals


Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights

"While fireworks are enjoyable for many people, they can be devastating for animals.  The loud booms and cracks frighten most animals sending many of them into a frenzy. 

In many communities each year around the Independence Day July celebrations, thousands of animals are reported missing, injured or dead from fireworks-related events.  These injuries and deaths include both domestic and free-roaming animals. 

Most non-human animals have more acute hearing than people and are, therefore, more sensitive to loud noises.  And, their natural fleeing reaction puts them in danger of getting hit by cars, impaled on fences, or lost.  The cracking of fireworks can be so traumatic that the result is intense stress and fear with possible long-lasting anxiety effects which interfere with feeding, breeding, nesting, and other survival behaviors.  Further, these loud noises can cause trampling of grouped animals, resulting in pain and suffering for those involved. 

The pollution from fireworks also has a negative effect on both our land and air.  The question is whether people can be entertained in ways that do not produce fear, injury, or death to other living beings. 

AVAR, a national organization of more than 10,000 veterinarians, veterinary medical students, technicians, and contributors believes there are many solutions to this matter and encourage cities to look at those options."

Paula Kislak, D.V.M.,
Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, Davis CA

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