Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they traumatize animals. 
No cruelty is justifiable.

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Stop Fireworks
A Project of the Ohio Animal Defense League
A campaign to
stop fireworks from traumatizing animals


New England Anti-Vivisection Society

"As a psychologist with more than 25 years' experience in treating trauma, I am writing in support of your group's efforts to ban fireworks at the proposed Eastlake stadium.  In these days of high technology, there is no need to use loud, percussive-type fireworks, especially not in a densely populated, residential neighborhood.  Laser light shows offer brilliant but quiet displays - without the accompanying noise, air pollution, chemicals contaminate, and color bursts typical of fireworks.  And, there are even visually magnificent pyrotechnics that can be done without the heart-stopping acoustical booms. 

Firework displays are plainly terrifying to many animals regardless of whether the animals affected are companions of humans or free-living fauna.  Surely there are ample ways to celebrate without relying on outdated, polluting, frightening pyrotechnic displays!  We sincerely hope that Eastlake authorities will do the humane thing and ban acoustically shattering fireworks that are terrifying and potentially deadly to our animal friends and neighbors."

Theodora Capaldo, EdD., President,
New England Anti-Vivisection Society, Boston, MA

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