Anthony James

I Never Knew You
Poetry By Anthony James


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I Never Knew You
Poetry By Anthony James

If I tell them to repent,
Surely, they will watch me
Surely, they will seek my deeds out
And watch my sins

The do not believe in me
They never did.
Nor in Jesus, same.

If they discredit me,
They believe they are free
From the Law of God

What a perplexing conundrum
To watch me?
I am a sinner.

To seek imperfection in me
So that they will be free
To sin..

Is the epitome of impenitence
They do not realize
That they must
Repent of their impenitence

And seek God and The Kingdom
Not me.

Though, I am the Salt
Ti's True
And I walk in the Light
I do

Not as a work, though, brethren
Be not confused-
I am the sinner
Cleansed by the Lamb
Saved of His Grace

Walking in Faith
And Thanks and Praise
My works are of Thanks

And Fear of His Rod
For I am His Child
Saved from the wiles

But you are looking at me
So closely..
As though I am to blame
For the Day you will stand
Before the One True Name-

On this Day you will need
A Savior, indeed-

And you will see that I have
And tell the Lord of my sins
And The Lord will reply
Yes, I know him-

I will be blessed
And you will be damned
How can it be?
You make your plea..

God will then say

Because I knew him
And he knew, Me.

But I never knew you.
And then you shall weep.