Anthony James Jesus Was Alone
Poetry By Anthony James
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Jesus Was Alone
Poetry By Anthony James

Who temps man toward a fornication?
Why woman? Why do you do this?
What for?

Is Christ not in you?
Do you wish to bring your brothers down
To hell with you?

Will you not marry them?
Why then will you fornicate with them?
Is it because you wish them to accompany you?

Is it the man who is to blame?
Is it because you are him are both dead?

Oh dead men
Oh dead woman
What, when ye part..

Who will ye two meet, next?

Will you seek the innocent?
Will you smell of a fresh apple
And tell them all to have a bite of you?

Will you not show your body to them all?
In stocking pants?
And tight jeans?
And wonderful perfumes

Show me your teeth, woman
That beautiful smile
And tell me without words
That you have a vagina...

Tell us all, ye woman
That there be a pit of lust between, ye
A curse to cause death upon nations
And the pathway of newborn children

O' Adam
O' Eve

Look at you all
Walking around
In 2014.

Look at ye all.

O, there is no hope for most of ye.

Who can do a thing, for you?

God Himself did die trying.

For all the evil men
Have a woman at their side.

Jesus was alone.


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