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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A World at Peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We will only experience peace after the second coming.
The Drums of war in human history have always been beating.
Husband against wife, Nation against Nation, a world at war,
More perilous and more destructive than ever before,
People are fixated on power and have no remorse on killing.
It is not only the human cost, animals donít even a mention.
Then there are the hard times brought about by engineered recessions.
Man in his heart has always to deal with aggression.
When Christ comes again, the carnage and evil will cease.
For the first time in history will be everlasting peace.
Man will not hunt and kill for sport.
Wars caused by pride and greed will not be fought.
Christ will usher in a new era.
Every day is a day nearer.
Christís rule will be manís finest hour.
Love will blossom like a flower.
Man and beast will have mutual respect.
A new consciousness will take affect.
Imagine a world filled with a beautiful radiance.
A world aligned with new earthís fragrance.
ďArise o morning starĒ
ďArise and never setĒ.

© Andrew Pell 13/03/2013

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