Andrew PellA Force of Nature
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Force of Nature
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

With God we can be like a force of nature.
This will serve us well into the future.
Each day we can be bold, honest and direct.
We can do the things we often neglect.
Boldly dealing with every crisis that may arise.
Seeing miracles that will now materialize.
People no longer marginalized or ostracized.
Waking up each morning with a goal to achieve.
Each goal brings a blessing to receive.
Even in the darkest day, the sun will shine bright.
We will forever walk in Godís dazzling light.
Imagine being in control of each and every day.
All it takes is confidence and a time set aside to pray.
Be a force of nature to bring love and clarity.
We no longer have to stumble around blindly.
God wants all of us to be a force of nature.
This will secure your long-term future.
© Andrew Pell 15/07/12

A Force of Nature
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