Anthony James And Then She Came Forward
Poetry By Anthony James
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And Then She Came Forward
Poetry By Anthony James

and your name is called-
mind you, you have endured death-
saw The Light!
in this you know life exists after death-

you see yourself, a black soul-
you feel ashamed by your own Truth
a Truth you gathered of Life's game-
a Truth that shows you that Life was not a game.
in this you are full of shame-
you come forward, when you hear your name-

you are a black mist, no body-
no full lips with botox in them, anymore-
no makeup to adorn your features-
no tight pants or dresses-
just the Soul, that God Gave Birth To, of you.

and it is explained to you, the Judgement
today you will be Judged of your works as man
when you roamed the earth of free will.
your reward and punishment is life or death in eternity-
when you know of this-
you know that you face an imminent death
if guilty of abominations and deadly sins-
sins that led you to a life of ignorance to the fruits of God's Creation-

sins that kept you from faith, love, care, and humility.
and then an Angel comes forward with a little piece of paper-
a trumpet is blown- and the voice speaks...

"I am not religious, by any sense of the word. Some may call me an "Atheist", or "Agnostic" or "Ignostic"; these days I basically adhere to absolutely nothing. So, in creating this contest do not believe you can sway me from believing in absolutely nothing; 'cause you can't."

what will you do? what will be done to you?

could I tell you this?

I tell you that what you do not care about now, is also not before you now.
this thing (being alive) will be felt in it's time to be all there is.

Let us be humble and faithful- so that we may come to Repent.
That God will deem us worthy, to See.
December 27, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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