A Prayer for Conviction
By A.C. Fernandez

From all-creatures.org

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By A.C. Fernandez

Oh Gracious Earth Mother,
the salt from my tears
a taste to my tongue
as I gaze upon these lands
and see the measure of what
we two leggeds have done
to our kindred brethren.

My heart cannot contain
the sorrow, my words
can no longer be silenced.

We take and we take as if
this domain was created
for our bounty, our pleasure.

Have we forgotten our
equality with what
treads, what flies, what
dances in the waters?

We are one with all
of Creation, as it was
in the beginning.

So it is meant to be.

Great Spirit, lay
conviction upon the
hearts of those who
know no other way
to see, but with eyes
filled with bloodshed.

For in those crimson rivers
I am compelled to pray,
time and time again,
for the spirits of those
who die at their hands
to fly, fly, fly with
you and suffer no more.

Fear no more.
Fear no more.
Let us be afraid,
for our hands are
covered with what
we cannot remove
no matter what
the cleansing.

Let us hear the cries
in our souls with the
passing of each life,
and know there is
no gain, no pleasure
great enough to account
for the loss of this earth's
beauty given by the
grace of their glory in life.

In life spring eternal.
To my Ancestors who
walked before me on
these lands, thank you
for teaching me the ways
of this world, and the
knowing my life alone
means nothing, nothing.

I will stand for you
my brethren.
I will stand for you.