Heidi StephensonAnimal Rights Poetry By Heidi Stephenson From All-Creatures.org

In memory of Ellie—who deserved so much more...

A teenage sadist
rapes his 'pet' cat.

He handcuffs her
so that she cannot escape
his brutal advances.

He cuts out her tongue
as 'punishment'
for screaming out…

He smirks as he tortures her.
He strangles her repeatedly.

Months of abuse follow.
He dissects her living body!

Until torn, beyond all healing,
she dies. Her body and spirit...broken.

Ellie raped, tortured and murdered
by a human MONSTER,
by a psychopathic sadist
who assaulted her relentlessly
month after month, relishing
his evil power over
a vulnerable cat,
who should have felt SAFE!

Beautiful, adorable, Ellie,
who should have known LOVE.

Where? Where?
were his family, in all this?

Let us not make EXCUSES
for B*** M**********, aged 18!

Let us not make any 'allowances'—
he knew exactly what he was doing!

©Heidi Stephenson, 2023

tuxedo Cat
Image from LadyFreethinker.org petition

[FYI from June 2024: Man Who Tortured Cat Ellie for Months Finally Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison]

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