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Take a deep breath and try again

[I got a message from someone saying that after they read my poetry book [I, Animal: Examining the animal - human divide] they decided to go off and look into farming and the treatment of animals and they've now decided to go vegan. It was so good to hear, and hence the creation of this poem!]


Echoes of
bleat and bellow.

The voiceless.

I have run out of things
to say.
To rally for,
and - make change.

I have notions whirling,
in mind.
But my heart sinks at tattered hope-banner.
There are days like this,
of blank empty pages.

Where I wake to a world of conformists.
Archaic ideas,
disease and
rotten ideology.

With species as products
and planet, as an endless
well, to drink dry.
I ache for something new to say.
We need to...change.

Take a deep breath and try again.

vegan activism

2023 J.H. Dickinson


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