Belinda van Rensburg Assault
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A battle is raging 'tween darkness and Light,
for Satan won't let us go without a fight.
The forces of darkness assault us each day -
they want to devour us and lead us astray.

Satan doesn't want us to slip through his hands,
so he sends out his hordes in great evil bands.
They bind us with lies, with filth and with shame,
and attempt to prevent us from calling His Name.

The war for control of our minds is fierce,
as with darts of lies our minds are pierced.
Fiery darts tipped with poisonous thrills,
which deadens our senses so we're easy to kill.

The dark prince of this world wants all men to die,
and this will happen if we fall for his lie.
And once a soul has been saved and forgiven,
don't think that the devil is going to give in.
He will continue to assault and bombard,
us with his arrows and poisonous darts.
To keep us ineffective while serving our King,
and our witness for Jesus Christ hollow will ring.

So we need to remain in Jesus and pray,
and study our Bibles every day.
For the only way to avoid Satan's snare,
is to walk in God's Truth - all day, everywhere.

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