Anthony James Christmas ~ Floating in Serenity
Poetry By Anthony James
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Christmas ~ Floating in Serenity
Poetry By Anthony James

fell away- deep away-
take my hand a voice did say-
a light just a ways down a hall-
from beneath a door- I could see a glow-

such things to know-
without being shown-
a very different mind-
I must have owned- or borrowed
in this dream of mine-

the door opened by a wind that suddenly swept-
in the room a little basket was just there on a small table-
a small light suspended just above- like a Star-

'Come' the Voice spoke-
So I moved toward-
Very carefully I made sure to see-
what it was before me-

a little baby- cute as all Joy-
little hands, little feet- a boy-

Pick Him up- The voice gently said
and the Starlight became a Halo around His Head-
and I put my ear to his chest-
and I could hear-

I Love You, Love Me Too
so clear-
over and over, again and again-

November 14, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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