Mary T. HoffmanDefenders of the Faith?
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman
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Defenders of the Faith?
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman

While “sickos” rule the earth,
Of sane folks there’s a dearth.
Heads of state kill and rape;
Fawning toadies bow and scrape.
Destroying creatures just for fun –
“Tradition” passed to daughter and son!

Doesn’t anyone think it odd
That they hide behind our God?
Defenders of the faith? I say,
“Dear God, defend your own from them, I pray!”
They also hide behind the flag;
It’s really enough to make you gag.

What example do they set?
Hungry for power and greedy, yet
They always have the gall
To hide behind a wall
Of pretense and of lies;
Their deception “takes the prize.”

But have patience, never fear.
The Lord’s not fooled; He draws near
(Even though they are quite rare)
To those who teach the truth and dare
Defend His creatures and to care.

The disconnect gets wider still,
With slaughterhouse and puppy mill:
Animals for the “elite”
Bred for them alone to eat –
Those who have the wealth
Care for their own health.

Live long? It’s true they may;
But there always comes a day
When die they must and go
With no remorse below.

Then there comes a revelation:
Their “god” Satan, with elation,
Puts his demons all to work
To torture them with fire and fork.

(Written 3 May 2007)


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