Lance LandallEarnestly I Pray, Lord
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Earnestly I Pray, Lord
Poetry by Lance Landall

Caring Father, who sees all, may I trouble You with my cares, For there are things that grieve me, even have me close to tears. Seems many fellow Christians, arenít displaying love they should, Even though Your Word says, if they truly loved You, they would.

It seems some write folk off, Lord, that donít think or act like them, And those who get things wrong, Lord, some rapidly condemn. Others act indifferently, or donít always keep their word, And idol gossip from others, far too regularly is heard.

I think itís sad, that not just I suffer, but others too, At the hands of fellow Christians, doing things they shouldnít do. It seems that itís quite common, amongst those who claim Your name, Which I think is very sad, for Christendom, such do shame.

I know Iím often guilty of behaving wrongly too, But Lord, Iím deeply sorry, for such behaviourís not of You. And Iím certainly mindful, of the wrong that I have done, But I know Iím forgiven, via the blood of Your dear Son.

However, what concerns me, is that some seem unaware Of how wrongly they treat others, and, some act like they donít care. Perhaps some think Your grace, Lord, will cover willful sinning, Though that is simply fiction, the devilís busy spinning.

The way we treat another, determines Your response, Lord, Regarding the decision, that determines our reward. Even the unlovable, Youíve said, we must treat well too, In fact, thatís one way we prove, weíre true followers of You.

Thus, earnestly I pray, Lord, please help every Christian see, That when they mistreat others, theyíre also, mistreating Thee. And help me deal with wrong, Lord, that fellow Christians do, In a manner that reflects, Iím truly emulating You.

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