J. R. Hyland EIMI: Poetry By J. R. Hyland - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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I am.
And nothing I have done
Or yet may do
Can ever change that fact.

Oh, I can change myself
Creating hell within;
Or live more joyfully
Within the peace of my integrity.

Or I can this self
translate it to another place,
or time.
Yet, still,
I am.

And if I wonder through
Dimensionless domains of life
Draped, thoughtfully, in forms
That I have conjured from
The depths of my collective mind.

Yet, still I am,
and evermore will be.
The same, that flame
That always burns
It is the soul of me.

And if it barely sparks
Within the prison depths
Of ego-self, yet it is Ió
And never will it die.

But when it flames, with high intensity
And penetrates, the multi-layered structure
Of this ego-centered me
I know all things, that I have beenó
And what I yet must be.

It always leads, now dark, now bright,
Through endless universes of my mind
Until I find the Open Door
That waits for me,

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