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Family Photographs
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Family photographs capture a rare moment in time.
That microsecond in time captured for all to see.
Each Portrait a work of Art, divinely inspired, sublime.
Memories of loved ones, in an album or digitally kept.
Loved ones may have passed on, memories captured.
Seeing the loved ones again fills them with such rapture.
Family photographs that will be passed on to each generation.
We hold those who have passed with such veneration.
Loved ones are not really far away.
Each page we turn, we are enveloped in a golden ray.
Loved ones may have passed, but are always near.
Each time we see the photograph, we shed a tear.
Family photographs bring immortality to the Loved ones dear.
They may be gone, but forever live in our hearts.
They will never part.

Andrew Pell

(This photograph is in the Public Domain)

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