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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Hope Springs
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Hope springs from encouragement and Love.
Often not noticed, but in small ways of caring and sharing.
It may gently descend to us from God above.
It will come for someone that is need of helping.
Unobtrusively in the background leading and guiding.
Taking someone by the hand without them knowing,
Moving in the shadows bringing light and love to the loveless.
We all can silently move and assist.
This is what great theologian's and helpers do best.
Silently carefully helping from behind.
Suddenly a stranger feels God's bliss.
In this world we are all brothers and sisters.
Helping one another we unite with the Divine.
We do not need trumpets or a brass band to announce what we do.
Silently and quietly we work and bring light.
Christ's great commandment was "Love one another as I have loved you".
This where Hope springs and will never fade.
We also need to care for animals.
They need our help to.
They are also our brothers and sisters journeying in this life.
Assist animals that are in distress.
They to deserve quality of life and peace.
This is also where Hope Springs.
A moment in time can make all the difference.
Do not waste that moment, use it as there is no tomorrow.
If we practice this simple creed no living creature will feel any sorrow.

Andrew Pell

hope springs
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