How can I MAKE you SEE Jesus?
Poetry By Anthony James


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How can I MAKE you SEE Jesus?
Poetry By Anthony James

I am you, you are me. What I have done, you cannot see-
So I must say, in words and the like-
to try to convey- what my life was like!

These words I tell- to you are true-
but since you can choose to disbelieve, you do!
to this, there is nothing I can do-

And the same is true- for Jesus too-
His Words were true- but look at you- and you- and you-
still don't believe in Him, do you?

Still, so tight you hold with all your might-
onto yourselves- and so- how is it going?
I am not all-knowing- and this is how I now know-
who is?

Because in my own hands, I died-
without Him I lived, I tried-
but I died..

He rose me up- beyond my own belief-
I wish I could show you what was done to me-
So that you would know, as I do now-
that an addiction is an affliction to show us some how-
that if we give up and ask Him for help-
He will see if we're True- and turned our disbelief upon our self-
He will do something then, that you could never do
Take it all way- and make you new.

This I know and I tell you so-
I have no addiction, not even much of a memory-
of any of it.

November 17, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved