Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 6-25-06

The time has come for you to open your eyes.
It is the time you must take to think for yourself and realize.
The time has come to realize what you have not seen.
It is the time to understand just what the words do mean.
Understand you must, as you learn to believe.
Believe you must, before this earthly time you leave.
The time has come again for you to read.
Take the time to read, and then the words learn to heed.
Learn the words, for all you are worth.
Learn the words, and then heed them while here on earth.
The time has come to learn the meaning of what was said.
Take the time to learn the word before you are dead.
Many have claimed to have read and they say they have heard.
Yet many of them did not hear, nor did they understand the word.
The time has come for you to take a look.
The time has come to understand the book.
Take the time to find what should be in your heart.
A task taking little time if it was there, from the start!
The time has come to understand what was given to man by God.
The time is now for you, yourself, to read and understand the word of God
Take the time, to read each and every word.
Take the time to hear what the apostles heard.
Do not take into your heart, the word with a blind eye.
Listen to the word with an open ear to your soul before you die.

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