Low Life
Poetry By Anthony James

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Low Life
Poetry By Anthony James

on the caring cloth of the One Soul- There is-
The Soul of Life- God's Home,
He Is The Server, we are the clients-
His Will Be Done- He Administrates-

From the cloth of the One-Soul
The caring piece, my Soul-
Others here I see you care-
my kind, my type- I love you-
your cross to bear, strong, silent
we are the pillars of hope- for all mankind-

cleanse now your spirits of stains-
filters of corruption and hate-
we fill our plates and our worries generate tolerance
from all those who seek to own this world-
we sit back, we sit down, we cry and we filter
the hopelessness with our love and care-
we are the pillars of hope-
we are the users of dope-
we are the wrinkled aged before our time-
the worthless, slime- we give them strength~
God's irony- surrounds

At the end of the day, our hands go up
and His love is abound- and we don't make a sound.
I know who you are, I see you and you see me too-

be still, the day is coming-
we shall return to that cloth-and care only for each other there.
It will be beautiful!

September 1, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved