Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

in paper and metals
plastic and digital
moving like water in and out
of men's names

once bitten by this value
the addiction begins
it is a pact and decision rooted in sins
and money now yours into your lap now falls
you have become a business man "Be You Sin-ess"
you have become this on your own, man.
This is a human contract you have accepted in covered places.
This is a human contract many have rejected in covered places.

Think about this deeply, a big regret is above you
use your heart to save yourself-
God is impartial. Steadfast. Unchanging. All Knowing.

God will never be outsmarted no man will ever attempt such a feat.

Love Jesus, learn Him and emulate His ways. They are righteous.
He will Save us for Eternal Joy through our Faith, Hope and Love.
Sacrifice in this life is Sacred to the next.