Andrew PellO King of the Sunís brightness, who alone has knowledge of our purpose. Please be with us every day and every night
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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O King of the Sunís brightness, who alone has knowledge of our purpose. Please be with us every day and every night
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Celtic Prayer)

God in heaven

O Lord of the Universe we marvel at your greatness and of your Creation.
You who brought the planets and the Sun and all the stars that shine so bright into existence,
With your hands the Earth was created and you divided the Night and the Day.
With you dear Father there wasnít any remorse or delay.
Dear Father you had the knowledge and the Divine Love and Power to bring light to a new World.
You then created us and watched over us and walked with us daily.
Dear Father your Divine Love is not answerable to time, for you Father are outside of time.
The Paradise you created was created by your Divine Love for us and was truly sublime.
Your Divine Love is boundless.
Then Temptation and Sin entered this Paradise and darkness and a curse came upon this Earthly Paradise.
The World in that epoch of time was changed forever and it would never be the same.
Adam and Eve with their temptation did not understand the cosmic consequences of their actions.
This brought a darkness and death upon a Paradise that was truly blest.
Paradise now gone the darkness reigned, never to be the same.
But God put a plan into action to remedy the darkness, sin and despair the world was now plunged in.
The remedy of Sin would be paid in full.
Atonement was needed to reverse and remedy this curse.
God sent his Son to pay the penalty once and for of time.
Christís Sacrifice and Divine mission would bring light and love into this dark world.
Godís banners of Light and Love would be now open and be unfurled.
Christ died on that wooden cross full of love for all of mankind, past present and future.
No greater sacrifice will you ever find.
For truly God is love and kind.
Christís sacrifice opened the eyes of the spiritually blind.
On the third day Christ rose in majesty and light from the Grave.
He stepped forth in radiance that could not be explained.
Christís Divine mission was now complete.
Evil was now defeated and constrained.
One day Christ will return to Earth in majesty and power.
This sad world will one day be transformed again into a paradise full of love,
Full of light and love living the way God had intended us to live.
We are once again united into Godís loving family.
Everyday will be bright because once again God will walk with each and everyone as before.
Blessed be the name of Jehovah, our Father and God.

© Andrew Pell 12/03/2021


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