Andrew PellPathway to God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Pathway to God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We are all on a journey to connect with God
Before we embark we wait for God to give a nod.
The roads are many and varied.
Sometimes it can be very scary.
We get lost and cannot find our way.
All we need to do is close our eyes and pray.
Imagine a road that is glowing, a road that sets your heart aflame.
A road where every obstacle you will manage to tame.
A sunlit path that will always shine bright,
A road that will shine in the darkest night,
There are many travellers on this pathway to God.
Some are fast, some are slow, and some are handicapped.
For each individual the contours will be remapped.
The path will always be there for you to find.
All you need to do is simply be kind.
Let the road unfold before you.
You will always find something new.
Some will show derision as you pass on this road of light.
Keep walking; it is not worth getting into a fight.
They do not understand the priceless gift that lies ahead.
On the road you will always be fed.
Travel the path that is unravelling now.
God will show you how.

Andrew Pell 14/08/10

Pathway to God

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