Andrew PellThe Power of You
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Power of You
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

All of us have the inner power within.
To achieve anything that we desire or need,
All we need to do is visualize and simply so the seed.
Let the subconscious mind bring the desired reality into being.
God created us with a vision for our mental and spiritual nature.
This is to help us all achieve our desired goals,
All we need to do is simply believe in affirmative prayer.
At the end of the day the reality is God really does care.
Allow Godís divine energy to flow through you today.
Accept Godís gift of abundance to uplift you in a positive way.
At the end of the day say thank you dear Lord for what I have achieved today.
If we remain positive in thought, word and prayer blessings will come each day.
Godís divine love and providence is Godís gift to all creation.

© Andrew Pell 16/01/2021

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