Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Where is Daddy many a child did say?
Why did Daddy have to go away?
Questions that; echoed through each year.
Answer by a mother while holding back a tear.

Those years fighting; for freedom in an earthly hell.
Terrible years on soldiers and their families as well!
They were terrible years lived in great fear.
Fear of those terrible words they might hear.

Words that; hardly told of one’s last breath.
Words that; only told of a soldier’s death.
Words bringing forth many a mournful tear!
Words many at home greatly did fear.

Words dreaded by many a soldier’s wife.
Leaving her to tell a child, Daddy lost his life.
Words never to answer the question of the day:
Why Mommy did Daddy have to pass away?

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