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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Real Love
Poetry by Lance Landall

Real love knows no other way than to tell the truth, and to tell it straight,
Real love knows that there's a time to speak, and that there is a time to wait,
Real love knows that there's a way ó though for some, any way is still too strong,
And hence why they continue to willingly and foolishly act wrong.

Yes, so many folk arenít thinking, and quite frankly, some donít seem to care,
Or it simply just doesnít suit them to ponder on those things they hear.
They might feel forced to change their ways, set aside self, their desires and plans,
Or, figuratively speaking, admit that they have blood on their hands.

Yes, truth has never been popular, nor those folk who dare to speak it;
For itís only flattery ó things folk like to hear ó that have been a hit.
No, many canít take, and do not want, those things that they should take on board,
Which is why their thinking and their behaviour remains narrow and flawed.

We all need to be challenged. Why? Because weíve all got it wrong somewhere,
And hence why everybody should listen to what others have to share.
Only foolish people ignore any wisdom that they should accept,
And sometime, somewhere, will be forced to realize, that out to sea they've been swept.

Real love canít stand idly by, for it cares too much, and knows otherwise,
Real love knows that it has a duty to caution, direct and advise,
Real love knows that thereíll be consequences, for truth is often despised,
And the messenger ó often penalized, stigmatized, and ostracized.

But deliver the truth, real love must, for real love knows no other way,
Therefore, despite any impending threats, truth it will always convey.
Yes, real love has a solid backbone, one that is solider than steel,
Hence why it puts its hand up, stands alone, bows to no one ó for itís real.

Sadly though, such a love is rare, and it has fallen victim to fear,
Or it has fallen victim to self ó hence why few are prepared to dare.
And hence why many folk arenít told those things that they badly need to hear,
And hence why thereís more resistance to truth, and that witness that some bare.

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